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Eckhart Tolle Oslofjord Convention Center september 2015

Ett utdrag av Eckhart Tolles teachings de fyra dagar han undervisat.

-Perceive and observe yourself. Speak from a deeper space. It makes a difference. Then the trandescendantal self becomes more present and no more in the background. As that happens your personality steps back. An vice versa. The light shines through more and the transparency is there. The Buddhanature is rising. The sky and the inner space.

Listen to the silence. Be aware of the one who is aware.

Priority number one in life is to find the essence in you.

Welcome the painbody. Observe it. Feel it and go behind through your breathing. Surrender to what is. Life is filled with challenges. It just is. Accept the suffering and there will be no suffering. Realize the possibility that the end of suffering is possible. That is the end of suffering. Suffering rises through unconsciousness.

Do not complain when a challenge comes along. Life is difficult. Once you know that, accept that and recognize that… an essental part of you is awakening. It’s a state of surrender where there is no more suffering and no more unhappiness. The full surrender of every moment transforms into intense presence of every moment.

We are all here ( i konferenssalen) because of our suffering. We all suffer and we all want an end to the suffering.

There is only this moment. It’s absolutely true. The past moment is gone and the next is not here. if you live in the past you suffer and if you live in the future you suffer. The sword of the presence helps you.

Cut the line between thinking and emotion. Then place the focus on the emotion. Then accept it. Accept every moment as if you have chosen it… How would that feel? Good… of course. To say ”Thank God for giving this to me”.

Inner purpose and outer purpose of your life. The inner purpose is primary. It’s to dedicate your life to conciousness, to be present, to be aligned. The universe wants to be awakened within you. The outer purpose is what you do and your acitivity. Let the inner purpose flow into your outer purpose. How you realize this might change your life. The consciousness that flows into what you do is crucial.  It’s to come home when the inner and outer purpose correspond.

When you experience stress: go beyond and be in the present moment. Just stay there.

You have to take responsability of your own painbody.. If somebody close to you gets his or hers painbody activated you can remain present. The painbody wants to create drama. Just leave the room if a painbody is overwhelming. Do not go into reaction. It is very challenging to be with a person who’s painbody is activated….

We evolve through challenges.

Tolerance and compassion are signs of a developed society.

Presence is contagious and so is unconsciousness…. Both spreads. Sense the energy field when you go somewhere.

You are the space – be the space….

The fulfilness of life. Life is fulfilled in this moment. I have and  I am everything. This feeling is only[1]  possible if you can open to the moment.

You create from ego space or from a creative space. Makes a huge difference!